3D movies without goofy glasses

3D movies is future of the modern  cinema, but  biggest limitation of 3d movies is those bulky glasses. So to overcome this situation The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is started to making a 3d screen in which we don’t have to use 3d glasses. This is a revolution in 3d cinema.

Professors from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in conjunction with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, have dubbed the new technology Cinema 3D. They say that Cinema 3D projects images through multiple lenses and mirrors, allowing viewers to watch a 3D movie from anywhere in the theater without having to use glasses.

In the early stages of this experiment scientist develop a small screen prototype of that could support a 200-pixel image, volunteers could see 3D versions of pixelated figures from a number of different seats in a small theater.

According to a video released by the MIT lab, Cinema 3D “delivers a narrow range of angular images to each individual seat” in the movie theater. It does this by using “an array of mirrors and lenses to make the 3D effect viewable from many angles.”

The scientists cautioned that Cinema 3D is currently impractical to implement commercially. For instance, their prototype requires 50 sets of mirror and lenses, but the screen is just barely larger than a pad of paper. The researchers hope to build a larger version of their display and further boost the image resolution.