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Now the wait is over for the one’s who are eager, freak and want to be the one amongst all who wants to get all the internet updates first and fast. As Google has recently added on a feature for their freak users named “Stay In The Loop”.
Its a kind of feature from which u will get to know that who is taking interest in you with whatever intentions and searching your name over internet. You will get notified with an e-mail about who is using your name intentionally and unknowingly.

The only thing you need to do is to be logged into Google for this to get active, and allow Google to keep track of your web and app activity. It also allows you to set the email frequency, source types, languages, regions, what type of results you want and an email to send alerts to, by just going in to the settings in the Google alerts. This is an amazing feature to get to know that where your name is mentioned and of what reason over internet.
Let me notify you, this feature will not gets start by its own. It will start notifying you only when you allows google to keep tracking the same. This feature will be found at the bottom of the first page of the search results while searching for yourself.