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Google‘s Gboard app is the new updated version of Google Keyboard which has officially launched for Android users.  Through Gboard, you can search and send information, GIFs, emoji and more — right from your keyboard, as it has Google Search built in feature.  The Gboard app also supports the all the features of your old Google Keyboard such as speed and accuracy, Glide Typing and voice typing and many more. In the updated version, Google has added multilingual typing feature that help you to switch languages on the fly.

Get Gboard app on Google Play Store to search and share through in-built Google search feature.

Gboard Features

Google Search built-in feature of Gboard
  1. Search & Share: You can search and share anything from your Gboard such as emojis and GIFs, sports news, tourist places, daily updates and weather forecasts to your friends and relatives in a faster and smarter way. The app also predicts possible searches that may be relevant to you.
  2. GIF Sharing: Currently, the GIF sharing works in Google Messenger, Google Allo and Hangouts, soon this feature will be available for more apps too.
    Search news & weather forecasts through Gboard
  3. Smarter and Faster Typing: The app is assisted by machine learning to make typing faster and easier that has improved Glide Typing, predictions and auto-corrections features.
  4. Language: The app works in more than 100 languages that was not easier task in older version.
  5. Multilingual Typing: You have to just select your languages and you can start typing in multiple languages within the same conversation without manually switching between them. The app will auto-correct and suggest from any of your enabled languages, without the need to tap on the globe key.
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