YouTube will Not Support 30-Second Unskippable ads

Here is a good news for YouTube users, YouTube will stop showing non-skippable 30 seconds ads that run before YouTube videos.

Google spokesperson stated in a statement,

Company has decided to no longer support 30-second unskippable ads on YouTube.

Despite of all, it will affect the advertisers. Though, the sad thing is users have to wait at least 10 months to take the advantage. Another sad news is YouTube has clear that they will not kill all ads, 15 to 20 seconds ads will be continue.

This step will please more followers. YouTube took this step exclusively in response to the increased video competition from Facebook.

Google stated in its blog post,

We are committed to providing better ad experience for users online. As a part of that, we have decided to stop supporting 30-second un skippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers.