Flock OS – the world’s first chat operating system, has been launched by Flock. The FlockOS is an ultra-powerful platform which enables developers to build apps, bots and integrations on top of Flock. Developers have also the provision to use customized apps within their organizations or can also publish them on the Flock App Store so that it will be available for all Flock users.

Therefore, to create unique apps and integrations switch on to FlockOS. You can also watch the functionality of FlockOS through Flock Video.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Flock, said

“With FlockOS, we have thrown open our platform to the global developer community. Our User Interface (UI) is a canvas for developers, allowing them to create truly intuitive apps and integrations which seamlessly blend with the core product.”

According to BetaNews:Technology News and Analysis, FlockOS platform provides developers to build apps that-

    1. Offers a tightly integrated experience by using widgets. These include an attachment widget, sidebar widget and modal widget — all capable of displaying rich HTML.
    2. Sent messages and rich attachments to Flock users and groups. For example, an opinion poll in a rich attachment format can be broadcast to all in a group. It also shows real time updates on the poll results.
    3. Provide setup slash commands and an additional option for users to interact with the app.
    4. Enables users to create bots to send messages directly to users within the app. It also allows users to carry on conversations and completing tasks from within Flock.
    5. Users can also add buttons to attachments, chat tab bar, attachment picker bar or app launcher bar to ensure apps are more discoverable and in turn, boost app usage.
    6. FlockOS can also customize URL previews for specific URLs, so the app can display information relevant for the user.
    7. It is designed to deliver a consistent experience across all platforms viz. web, desktop and mobile without having to rework any code.


Flock is a free instant messaging service for work and business environments that speeds up and simplifies communication within teams and organizations. It is available for free for an unlimited number of users and supported across all platforms such as Windows Desktop, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It is developed by start-up Riva FZC, which was founded by Bhavin Turakhia.

You can experience the world’ fastest and secure messaging platform by creating a Flock team on Flock.
Even your favorite Google Apps such as Hangouts, Drive, Calendar and Analytics, are also integrated in Flock. You can also check the lists of apps and integrations that are available on Flock Appstore.

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