Google’s Digitally Safe Consumer campaign For Consumers in India

Digitally Safe Consumer campaign will be launched by Google India is collaboration with the Ministry of Consumer Affair in India to raise awareness and protect consumer interest online. This year-long nationwide campaign will start rolling out in January 2017 that works towards organizing ‘Digital Literacy, Safety & Security’ workshops.

Digitally Safe Consumer Campaign

  1. Educational Campaign: The educational campaign will feature write ups, posters, interactive quizzes and audio-visuals that will help educate users about the challenges of Internet safety and security.
  2. Educate: Google will work on educating consumer organizations in India, help in training members of the Consumer Affairs department and also work with officials in the National Consumer Helpline.
  3. Train the Trainer’ Model: Google will train approx 500 people, including 250 consumer organizations in India through “Train the Trainer”. Then, these trainers will spread awareness around the need for Internet safety among people.

Chetan Krishnaswamy, head of Public Policy at Google India, said

“With the rapid increase in digitization across all spheres, the message of internet safety needs to be integrated into the everyday tasks that the consumer undertakes online. This initiative will add to our existing campaigns guiding users to navigate the web and manage their digital lives safely and leverage the web to the fullest.”

Megha Jain

Engg & Freelance Author

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