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Popular photo sharing app Instagram has been working on the series of anti harassment tools for the users and they plans to roll out the first draft of tools in coming  weeks.

According to Instagram officials by these tools users will decides to creat a list of their own offensive words which will stop unwanted comments from being posted on their photos. Users may also gain the ability to turn comments off on a photo-by-photo basis, so someone could potentially disable comments entirely if they wanted to.

Instagram already begun testing of these features with some of the celebrity accounts like Taylor Swift used to stop all those snake emoji comments. Advertisers may also have been asking for this to prevent critical commenters.

Instagram gives priority of this feature for the high volume account first, according to the Washington Post . The filtering feature is supposed to appear in “the coming weeks,” while Instagram is still determining whether to widely roll out the ability to disable comments. Proper functioning of these tools really handy for the users.