Suli solar powered lamp
Suli used as a PET bottle
World’s first solar module for everyone

Suli is the most versatile solar lamp in the world, which can be 3D printed or bought ready-made. It is designed for those who have no access to electricity.

The Chile-based tech company “Ximena Munoz” has invented this device.

It is a solar powered, multi-purpose light which aims to provide safe, affordable and versatile lighting options for those living in 3rd world countries and just about everywhere else.

Suli light on your bike
Suli light on your bike

The solar lamp is ultra-portable, multi-functional and can be adapted to different uses in everyday life through its double fitting: a PET bottle fitting and a 3D printable accessories fitting.

A full charge can be obtained with 6 to 12 hours of exposure to the sun. After that, one can use this device up to 25 lumens (high brilliance LED and warm light) and 60 hours.

Expected price: $36.99.

It is a model for social and environmental impact in which all can participate and access solar energy

Thus, use this device and avoid using kerosene or candles as an alternative to electricity, which is hazardous and causes serious health issues.
This solar lamp will soon launch in India. Take benefit of this device and light someone’s home.

Megha Jain

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