powerup bag for laptop

Popular laptop making company HP launch its new backpack that can recharge your laptop without any external source. This backpack may seems like a normal bag but its has a inbulit 22,400mAh massive battery. With that much juice you could recharge your smartphone 10 times.

There are series of heat sensons and ventilated pockets are featuring this bag which prevent it for getting too hot.

FAA regulations state that any battery over 100 watt-hours is prohibited in checked or carry-on luggage, but exceptions can be made “with airline approval.” The battery in the HP Powerup Backpack is rated at 84 watt-hours, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

In international markets it will be available at Amazon around 1st October. HP not announced yet official date for launching this product in india but it is expected that it will be available in late December in india.Price of HP’s backpack is 200$.

So if you are a traveler who you usually carries laptop. This is a great product that   definitely something to consider if you’re planning on dropping $200 on a backpack.