Amazon Launchpad

Looking for a platform to launch your Startup! Then your wait is over. Amazon Launchpad is now in India for Indian startups to launch, promote and distribute their products globally. This unique platform allows Startups to quickly launch and get results on Amazon. It’ll showcase innovative products from the most innovative young tech companies to millions of Amazon customers.

No Fee to Join Amazon Launchpad Program

There is no fee to join the Amazon Launchpad program. You can enroll in the program as an Amazon vendor, which means you sell your product to Amazon on wholesale terms and Amazon sells the product to consumers at the retail price. The value of the program to you is reflected in the net wholesale price Amazon pays you for your product.

With this, Indian Startups can overcome many of the challenges associated with launching new products by using Amazon’s retail expertise and infrastructure to create awareness and drive sales.

How to Get Started with Amazon Launchpad

To get started with Amazon Launchpad, you’ve to receive product development funding through one of the companies in Amazon network. Thus, to get started with Amazon Launchpad you have to follow these steps:

  • First, register as an Amazon Launchpad vendor through Vendor Express  & upload the required basic product information to their systems. [Vendor Express is Amazon self-service online platform for managing your Amazon vendor account. It allows you to sell your products to Amazon so we can take care of the rest – from shipping and promoting to customer service and returns.]
  • Then, you will be asked to confirm an initial order and ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. That order will essentially be used by the site to evaluate whether there’s a genuine demand for your company’s products.
  • Now, Amazon will evaluate the genuine demand for your company’s products. If it is meeting the demand, then  Amazon will ask you to upload creative assets to their systems such as product photos, videos, descriptions and your unique story.
  • Finally, you can apply for Amazon Launchpad and can easily promote your innovation thorough Amazon platform.

So, be ready to shop the innovative products of Indian startups at Amazon Launchpad Store.

Which Startups Are Eligible to Participate in the Amazon Launchpad program?

Initially, startups funded by crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms and other startup accelerators are eligible for Amazon Launchpad program. If your startup is supported by a company that is currently outside of their network, they will evaluate your application on a case-by-case basis. To maintain the best customer experience, they request that your products be ready to ship now.

Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Head of Amazon India, said

“We hope that Amazon Launchpad has a positive impact on the economy by further promoting ‘Make in India, adding further impetus to the current interest in Indian Startups and also creating additional employment opportunities.”

Amazon Launchpad is already available in the US, UK, China, Germany, France, and Mexico and has worked with over 100 leading venture capital firms, startup accelerators and crowd-funding platforms to help more than 1,000 startups launch products.

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