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DataWind, which is known for its low-budget tablets in India, has recently launched a new affordable smartphone “PocketSurfer GZ” in India.  It comes with one year of free 2G internet browsing with Reliance. The handset is powered by Linux operating system.

Price: Rs. 1,499.

DataWind didn’t share any specifications about the handset, apart from mentioning that it has a touchscreen and rear camera with LED flash.

The purpose of the DataWind company is to break the affordability barriers and bandwidth constraints of networks touching the mass of India at a whole new level.

Lets’ Know about DataWind!

It is a developer of wireless, web-access products and services and manufactures low cost tablets for the purpose of education in developing countries.

Developer of wireless, web-access products

It is known for its development of the Aakash tablet computer, which is the world’s cheapest tablet at US $37.99/unit.  The Aakash tablet was developed for India’s Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD).

It manufactures a series of mobile, internet devices, such as PocketSurfer smartphones, UbiSurfer netbooks, and Ubislate tablets.

It’s headquarters is at Mississauga in Ontario, Canada and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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