Leica Sofort

Popular German camera-maker company Leica launches its new instant film camera, Leica Sofort. We all love hard copies of photos but the problem is its a time consuming process so Those who don’t have time but want a good hard copy of their photos Leica’s new camera Sofort is for you.

Leica Sofort White
Create Instant Memories with Leica Sofort


Sofort features the company’s own fixed 60 mm (34 mm equivalent) lens with a maximum aperture of f/12.7, coupled with an integrated flash module. The instant camera has eight operation modes to select from – Automatic, Selfie, People & Party, Action & Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-Timer & Double Exposure.

For the film it is used B&W, COLOR film packs which is easily available in market. Although the Sofort will ship along with three different instant film pack options:

  1. a color film pack with 10 exposures
  2. a color film double pack with 20 exposures
  3. a monochrome film pack with 10 exposures


Leica Sofort Camera Colors
Leica Sofort in White, Blue & Orange

Sofort comes in bunch of different color like white, black, blue & orange. Leica announces to launch this camera in November at a price of $299 (almost ₹20,000). So if you are looking for a camera that gives you the feel of the photos, this is for you.