Download iOS 10

Now Apple users can downlaod iOS 10 in their devices. User needs to 1.1GB to 2.64 GB space to upade iOS 10 in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch . User will need to connect to the Wi-Fi network as the update is too large to download.

Steps to Install iOS 10

Software Update iOS 10
Software Update iOS 10
  1. Back up your phone: Settings iCloud backup Backup Now.
  2. Tap Settings General Software Update.
  3. To update now, tap Install. Or you can tap Later and choose Install Tonight or Remind Me Later. If you tap Install Tonight, just plug your iOS device into power before you go to sleep. Your device will update automatically overnight.
  4. After complete the download, tap to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
    Your device will restart and iOS 10 will installed in your device.

Update your device using iTunes

If you are unable to update your iOS device wirelessly or you don’t have enough space on your iOS device, you can insatll the update of iOS 10 via iTunes.

  1. You need latest version of iTunes to update iOS 10 .
  2. Connect your device to your computer or Mac.
  3. Open iTunes and select your device.
  4. Click on the Summary tab, then click Check for update.
  5. Now click on download and update.
  6. If asked, enter your passcode.

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to install iOS 10.

iOS 10 Supported Devices

iPhone iPod Touch iPad iPad Mini
iPhone 5 iPod Touch (6th generation) iPad (4th generation) iPad Mini 2
iPhone 5C iPad Air iPad Mini 3
iPhone 5S iPad Air 2 iPad Mini 4
iPhone 6 iPad Pro 12.9
iPhone 6 Plus iPad Pro 9.7
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus