If WhatsApp chat is irritating you with an unnecessary flood of media, then you can delete them from the chat itself and keep just the texts.

How to delete photos, videos & GIFs from a WhatsApp chat but keep its text

On specific WhatsApp chat, most of us feel irritating due to the bombardment of forwarded photos and videos, which we really do not intend to watch or see.

Thankfully, WhatsApp has recently brought a new feature – Mute a Chat Forever Option – for these annoying chats (individual & group chats). The feature will help people get rid of those teasing WhatsApp groups forever. You can also hide such chats by archiving them.

Mute a Chat Forever on WhatsApp
Mute a Chat Forever on WhatsApp

Though, the problem arises when we have a desire to delete WhatsApp media (photos, videos, gifs, etc.) but want to retain text messages from a specific WhatsApp chat. Hence, to overcome the said matter, you can choose the following steps:

How to Clear a WhatsApp Media without Deleting text

For iOS & Android users

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ ➡️ tap on ‘Data and Storage Usage’, then click on ‘Storage Usage’.

  2. Select the ‘Contact’ or the ‘Group’ whose media you want to delete.

  3. Tap on ‘Manage’ and then tick all the boxes you want deleted – like photos or videos or GIFs, or all of them. Leave out the text messages box.

  4. Tap on ‘Clear’ and then confirm.

  5. Preferably, you have also the option to just keep the media and delete the texts. Pick what you need.

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Alternate Way

You can also adjust settings for a specific group of media to prevent it from automatically downloading photos or videos, here is how:

For iOS

S.NoSteps for iOS Users
Step IOpen WhatsApp on iPhone 📲.
Step IIGo to Chat ➡️ select a specific chat or group whose media you want to prevent from getting downloaded.
Step IIITap on contact or subject at top of display ➡️ Save to Camera Roll ➡️ Set to Always or Never.

For Android:

S.NoSteps for Android Users
Step IOpen WhatsApp on Android smartphones 📲.
Step IIGo to the specific contact or group whose media you want to prevent from getting downloaded
Step IIIClick on the specific group or chat’s top bar.
Step IVSelect media visibility.
Step VSelect from default, yes or no.
Step VIClick on okay to confirm.

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How to Stop saving WhatsApp Images in Your Phone Gallery

If your WhatsApp images are showing in your phone gallery and you don’t want them to, it is possible to prevent the auto-download process. To learn how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos, follow the simple step-by-step instructions below:

Mobile OSInstructions
For iOS UsersGo to Settings ➡️ Tap on Chats ➡️ Toggle off Save to Camera Roll.
For Android UsersGo to Settings ➡️ Click on Chats ➡️ Toggle off Show Media in Gallery or Media visibility

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