WhatsApp iPhone update

The latest WhatsApp iPhone update will be highly useful for iOS users, which will automatically create the album view of photos. Also, you can quickly reply the messages in group chat & can filter photos, videos and GIFs with ease.

Let’s check these crazy updates of WhatsApp iPhone in detail

Photo Album

As per new update, if you are a WhatsApp iPhone user, you will get an album view when you send or receive a collection of five or more photos or videos. These images will be automatically grouped into an album with a tile display within your messages. You will be able to tap on the album to see the collection of photos and videos in full screen.

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Filter photos, videos and GIFs

Through this update, you can filter photos, videos and GIFs right inside the app camera. All you need to do is to select the video or photo and simply swipe it. This will showcase the filters for you and you can select from them. Presently, there are five options including pop, black and white, cool, chrome, and film.

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Quick replies in iOS chats

Quick Reply Shortcut – the most appealing update of WhatsApp – You just have to swipe right on a specific text in chats & then you’ll be able to quickly jump in and start typing a message reply of that particular chat.
This particular feature is very useful for group chats where you speak to multiple users at once.

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