WhatsApp Android update

Knock! Knock! WhatsApp Android update has arrived. With this latest update, it will be easy for you to –

Search emojis.
Apply text font styles.

Lets’ check what’s new in WhatsApp Android update

a)Search emojis

WhatsApp Android update
WhatsApp emoji search

Now, you can search for emojis by just typing the keyword.

What exactly you’ve to do

  1. Tap on the emoji search icon, which will be shown on the bottom-left of the WhatsApp emoji keyboard.
  2. Now, just type whatever emoji you wish to use, like say rain for the rain emoji (see above image) and you’ll find the relevant result. Yeah!

Therefore, this new emoji search option will be very useful for those who mostly communicate on WhatsApp via emojis.

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b) Apply text font styles

WhatsApp Android Update
New text font styles

Now, it will be easier to find the option to change the font style for a text, without having to place the required text between asterisks, underscore, or tilde for this.

What exactly you’ve to do

  1. Just long press and select the text, which you wish to convert to bold or italics or underscore or monospace or strikethrough fonts .
  2. A little menu pops up will come asking for Cut, Copy or Paste options with three little dots ( ) at the end. Just tap on those and it will open a more detailed menu.
  3. Here, you will see options for BoldItalic, StrikethroughMonospace and Share option (see above image). Just tap on the style you wish to apply to a selected text and it will take place automatically. That’s it!

These new features are available in the latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.148. Initially, the new features were spotted by the Android Police.

Note: Currently, these latest new features are not available on WhatsApp for iOS.

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