Bio-Digester Smart Chair Toilet (BDSCT)

What inspire us to discover or invent? Necessity – that give us sleepless nights till we achieve what we want.
The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said once –

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Thus, only need or problem encourages us to do creative efforts to solve our problems.

Today, we are also taking the inspiring story of a person Er. Jai Singh Narvariya who invented Bio-Digester Smart Chair Toilet (BDSCT) for his mother, who was facing difficulty & pain while sitting on a toilet chair.

This Bio-Digester toilet is not only helpful for old age people but also highly useful for Divyangs who are unable to sit & stand properly on foot.

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How Bio-Digester Smart Chair Toilet works?

Through Siafun method, Er. Narvariya has created separated parts in in-built chamber of toilet. The anaerobic bacteria present in that chamber will automatically changes body waste into water. And that water can be easily utilized in trees or plants as fertilizer (खाद).

Er. Narvariya has used plastic fiber and stainless pipes to create this unique toilet chair at a cost of 15,000.

To be noted that the BDSCT is differ from other automatic toilets in many aspects that are invented not only in India but also in world. One of the aspect is that there is no need take body waste from in-built chamber of Bio-Digester chair & dump it outside, as in other toilet chambers we’ve to do.

Er. Narvariya hasn’t revealed the whole technique as he has applied for patent.

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Bio-Digester Smart Toilet Chair
Bio-Digester Smart Toilet Chair

One can use this smart chair toilet in –

  1. Long distance route buses.
  2. Single bedroom home.
  3. Vanity Van.
  4. Luxury cars.
  5. Hospitals.

As per Patrika, the Bio-Digester Smart Chair is the India’s first model that changed changes body waste into water.

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