Oxford launched Tamil & Gujarati Online Dictionaries after Hindi version

Have you ever predicted the Oxford Dictionary in your local language? Then, it’s really big news for those whose mother tongue is Tamil or Gujarati.

The Oxford University Press (OUP) has recently launched online dictionaries in Tamil and Gujarati languages. Before this, the Hindi version of dictionary is already available in 2016.

For us Indians, it’s welcoming news because the OGL initiative has a special focus on Indian languages. They (Oxford Dictionares) are also planning to develop more regional versions putting a special focus on Indian languages.

Oxford Dictionary
Oxford Dictionary in Hindi, Gujarati & Tamil Language

Find Your Favorite Language at Oxford Global Languages (OGL)

The launch is a part of Oxford Dictionaries global languages initiative, named as Oxford Global Languages (OGL) that was launched in September 2015 with an aim to build dictionaries and lexicographical resources for around 100 of the world’s languages and to make them available online.

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Sivaramakrishnan Venkateswaran, the Managing Director of OUP India, stated that the availability of curated and well-researched language content in digitised formats not just enables anytime access but also positively impacts learning and educational outcome.

Thus, we can say, OGL is a bold initiative from Oxford University Press (OUP) for a modern challenge and a huge opportunity.

Philip Reimann, the senior Product Manager, said:

The addition of Gujarati and Tamil to the Oxford Dictionaries API gives a rapidly growing developer community access to this language data in a structured and flexible way, possibly for the first time, and enables the creation of content and applications that serve a huge language population.

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