5G Hackathon India - 2020

After 4G boom, what’s next comes in your mind? Undoubtedly 5G will come.

Hence, for innovation in the field of next-generation wireless network, the Government of India (GoI) has launched 5G Hackathon platform for youngsters to convert their innovating ideas into products and solutions in different economic verticals and develop India specific use cases around 5G.

Facts about 5G Hackathon

  • Launched by Department of Telecommunications (DoT).
  • Aim: To shortlist India’s focused cutting edge ideas that can be converted into workable 5G products and solutions.
  • 5G Hackathon Runtime: 21st Feb 2020 to 16th Oct 2020 (3 phases).
  • The total prize money 2.5 crore will be share among the winners of the three phases.

Ideas & Categories

You can develop 5G solutions from across 10 categories such as Healthcare, Education & Governance, AgriTech & Livestock, Environment, Public Safety & Disaster Management Enterprise, Smart Cities & Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Logistics & Transportation, Multimedia & Broadcast, among others.

Key date: Submit your idea on the above said categories online by March 31, 2020.

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5G Hackathon: Phase-wise awards

5G Hackathon Awards & Prize Money
5G Hackathon Awards & Prize Money
  1. Phase 1: Top 100 best ideas will be selected on 15th April 2020 & each will win 1 lakh, support in testing of products, mentor-ship by academia/industry; free entry Pass under startup during India Mobile Congress (IMC-2020).
  2. Phase 2: Top 30 workable solutions/products will be selected & won the prize based on ranking.
    1. Top 10 applicants will be awarded 5 lakhs each.
    2. Top next 10 applicants will be awarded 4 lakhs each.
    3. Top next 10 applicants will be awarded 3 lakhs each.
    4. All 30 products/solutions will be inducted in live 5G trials by TSPs.
    5. Mentor-ship, free space at IMC 2020, business development support.
  3. Phase 3: Top 3 winners get 10 lakhs each, mentor-ship, free space at IMC 2020, business development support. And also recognition during India Mobile Congress (IMC-2020).

How do you apply on 5G Hackathon?

You have to register on 5G Hackathon online platform, complete an online questionnaire, and upload the required documentation.

Is 5G Hackathon open for everyone?

The event is open to all the players – Developers, students, start-ups, SMEs, academic institutions & registered companies in India & NRIs – who may participate as individuals, teams, companies, etc. and may work individually or as a team on ideas/concepts/solutions and present use cases for the 5G network in the Indian context.

Sincerely, 5G Hackathon is a unique opportunity to scale and implement their 5G applications to make them market ready with the support of DoT, MeitY and a number of leading industry, academia, Telcos/OEMs.

5G Hackathon Organizing Partners
5G Hackathon Organizing Partners

Note: Employees of the DOT, IMC and sponsoring companies are not eligible.

Event Road Map

5G Hackathon Road Map
5G Hackathon Road Map

Future aspect of 5G

  • 5G is the next generation cellular technology that will provide faster and more reliable communication with ultra low latency. It is expected to form the backbone of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine communications.
  • It is the ultra-fast mobile internet service, which is 100 times faster than existing 4G networks. It allows consumers to download full-length films within seconds, or use apps with virtual reality.
  • The technology will also pave the way for driver-less cars, automation in factories, and allow users to remotely control appliances such as coffee makers and ovens via the internet.

Latency is the amount of time data takes to travel between its source and destination.

Nishant Patil

Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer