Rail Saarthi: Indian Railways Official app

Rail Saarthi app – an integrated mobile app has been launched by the Indian Railways, which will cater all kinds of passenger requirements, which includes ticket booking, inquiry, on-board cleaning and ordering a meal on a single platform.

Currently, we have to search and download each app (of Indian Railways) separately as per our requirements. But, Rail Saarthi is one stop for everything.

Key highlights

  1. Have women safety feature, compliant facility and suggestion for improvement.
  2. Provide facility to send the ticket at passengers home.
  3. Can book unreserved seat tickets and platform tickets besides reserved seat tickets.
  4. Cater passenger needs such as booking porter, retiring room, ordering food, etc.
  5. Can also be used for booking taxis, hotels and air ticket.
  6. Developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the software arm of Indian Railways.
  7. Estimated cost: 7 crore.

How to register on Rail Saarthi app?

Before discussing on topic, let me clear you that (beside COMS – for RAIL SAARTHI) you’ll have to download 3 other apps one by one. They will come in row. So, don’t be confused. Stay tuned up with steps till last.

  1. Step 1: Download and install the COMS – for RAIL SAARTHI Android App from Google Play Store. Then, the landing page on Google Play Store will say – “App should be download in combination with RAIL SAARTHI app”.
  2. Step 2: Then, tap on RAIL SAARTHI – INDIAN RAILWAYS OFFICIAL APP. Once installed, tap on Login (if you already registered ) or Register.
Rail Saarthi app
Rail Saarthi app: Know how to register

Register: After tapping on Register, select the category either reserved ticketing or unreserved ticketing.

Rail Saarthi
Rail Saarthi: Register on IRCTC & UTS App
  • UTS: If you tap on Unreserved Ticketing (UTS), you will have to install UTS App. After installing, go to Step 2 once again & fill the necessary details like mobile number, name, city, ID, etc.


  • IRCTC: If you tap on Reserved Ticketing (IRCTC), you will have to install IRCTC Rail Connect App. After installing, go to Step 2 once again & fill the necessary details like username, password, name, DoB, etc.

The process is simple & easy to use. Now, remember the login details for future use.

Note: The acronym of Rail “Saarthi” stands for Synergised Advanced Application Rail Travel Help and Information.

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