apps for Indian Farmers

The Government of India (GoI)  has launched number of web and app services for Indian farmers and other stakeholders, free of cost on agricultural related activities.

Major mobile app services for Indian  farmers are as under:

Kisan Suvidha: This app has a simple interface and provides information on five main parameters viz. weather, input dealers, market price, plant protection and expert advisories.

Pusa Krishi: This app provides information on latest technologies to farmers.

Crop Insurance: Indian Farmer can learn of insurance premium, notified area etc. on the mobile.

Agri Market: Farmer can learn of the prices of various crops in the mandis near him.

India Weather: This app provides current weather and 4 days weather forecast across the country for more than 300 cities.

National portal of India
National portal of India


Major Web portals for Indian farmers are as follows:

Farmers’ Portal: It  is a one stop shop for farmers where a farmer can get information on a range of topics such as seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, credit, good practices, dealer network, and availability of inputs, beneficiary list and grommet advisories.

mKisan Portal: It is a unified platform from where officials and scientists can send targeted text and voice based advisories to the farmers on a host of issues related to agriculture and allied sectors.

Crop Insurance Portal: To provide complete information related to crop insurance scheme being implemented in India.

Participatory Guarantee System of India (PGS) Portal: This is a portal for encouraging participatory approach to certification of organic farming in India.

These mobile apps and portal are available in the public domain and are centrally developed by Government of India (GoI) through the services of NIC and in-house team.

The Government of India (GoI) has conducted a number of workshops and Krishi Mela’s involving the State and UT officials as well as farmers for educating/demonstrating these initiatives.

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