Election Commission of India

Hey! We can cast votes from any part of the country.

Its not Joke, soon it be reality.

On behalf of Election Commission of India (ECI), IIT Madras is developing a two-way remote voting technology that would facilitate electors to cast their votes from any part of the country — regardless of where they are registered to vote – or even abroad.

Let me illustrate by example: Though this technique, if you are a Mysuru-registered elector & at the time of elections you are visiting Shimla then also you can cast vote electronically.

Facts about Remote Voting Technology

  • Based on an Aadhaar-linked electronic voting system.
  • Using Blockchain technology.
  • Can’t work in isolation.
  • The remote voting technology will have to be integrated with ECI’s ERO Net so if a person votes remotely, the electoral roll will reflect that.

Note: The ECI had used a one-way electronic system for service electors for the first time in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The postal ballots were transmitted electronically to the service electors.

Source: The Hindu

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