Microsoft StaffHub for staff workers to manage their day work

Microsoft StaffHub mobile app is here to help staff workers to manage their day-to-day work. This new application for Office 365 is designed for those employees who don’t have their own office, desk or computer that makes them hard to access and share information important for the workday.

Microsoft StaffHub

  1. Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud-based platform i.e. a one-stop app for scheduling (and rescheduling) communicating (and re-communicating) sharing (and re-sharing). In it, Managers can create schedules, approve requests and share information.
  2. Staff workers can easily view schedules, swap shifts and request changes to their schedules. Beside this, they can easily chat with their co-workers directly or in groups.
  3. Available to customers that have an Office 365 Enterprise K1, E1, E3, E5, or Education subscription plan.
  4. Available in following languages viz. Chinese-Simplified, English (U.S.), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish and Danish.
Microsoft StaffHub
Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub Features

  1. Manage Schedules: Managers can easily create, update and manage shift schedules for their team through the app.
  2. Shifts: The app home screen provides a summary of upcoming shifts as well as any important notes. With this, employees can easily view their upcoming shifts at a glance on their mobile device and can also see who else is scheduled for the day, which is useful if they want to know who they’ll be working with or if they want to swap shifts.
  3. Schedule Conflicts: The app easily swaps a shift or offers a shift to someone else, if schedule conflicts occur. Though, the requests are always routed to the manager for approval and updates and notifications are automatically sent to the team.
  4. Share Information: Managers can quickly distribute important information to their team viz. policy documents, news bulletins or videos. They also have a fast and reliable way to send quick messages to team members.

How to Access the Microsoft StaffHub

Team managers can sign in at Microsoft StaffHub and employees can download the app on Apple Play Store  or Google Play Store.

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