Difference among Paytm Payments Bank, India Post Payments Bank & Airtel Payments Bank

Three players & their payments banking services are ready to hit the wall of Indian economic market. Hey, confused! I think “Not so much” because we are very good in judging the financial benefits of ours.


  1. Paytm Bank has started by Paytm on 23 May, 2017 that offers 4% interest on savings account.
  2. Airtel Bank has become the India’s first payments bank to start operations on November, 2016 offers 7.25% interest on savings account. Customer’s Airtel mobile number would function as a bank account number.

Today, we have choice to compare & select the best banking service among Paytm Payments Bank (PPB), Airtel Payments Bank (APB) & India Post Payments Bank (IPPB). These three players have set their fields to lure us, now ball is in our court. We have to make a decision & do scrutiny according to our banking needs & requirements.

Let’s take a look on the products & services of these three Payments Banks

Comparison among Payments Bank & their offers

Paytm IPPB Airtel
Interest Rate 4% 5.5% 7.25%
Minimum Balance Nil Nil 50
Maximum Balance 1 Lakh 1 Lakh 1 Lakh
ATM Transactions
  • 3 free/month in metro cities
  • 5 free/month in non-metro cities
  • 20/cash withdrawal
Free at India Post & Punjab National Bank ATMs

Other ATMs

  • 3 free in metro cities
  • 5 free in non-metro cities
  • After that, 20/cash withdrawal
No Physical ATM/Debit Card facility
Online Fund Transfer Free NEFT, IMPS, UPI Branch and Doorstep banking

  • NEFT: 2.5 to 5/txn
  • IMPS: 5/txn

Mobile Banking

  • NEFT – free
  • IMPS – 4/txn
  • Within Airtel Payments Bank: Free Internet Banking, Mobile App & USSD
  • From Airtel Payments Bank to another Bank: 0.5% of amount
Debit Card Annual Subscription Fee
  • Free Virtual Debit Card
  • RuPay Debit Card: 100 + Delivery Charge
  • First year: Free
  • Annual maintenance charges (from 2nd Year): 100
  • Free Virtual Debit Card (MasterCard)
  • Free: Membership, Activation, Replacement & Duplicate card on account of loss of virtual card
  • No annual fee
Cash Withdrawal Charge no cash withdrawal available Doorstep Banking

  • 15 for < 2001
  • 25 for 2001 – 5000
  • 35 for 5001 – 10,000

Cash transactions above 10,000 will not be offered at doorstep

0.65% of withdrawal amount
ATM withdrawal limitations 10,000/txn
Personalized Card

  • 50,000/txn
  • 50,000/day

non-Personalized Card

  • 25,000/txn
  • 25,000/day

Fact Box: As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s guidelines, a payment bank is a new model of banks that can only take deposits but cannot issue loans or credit cards. The deposit is restricted to about ₹1 lakh per customer, in both current and savings accounts. Payments banks can issue services like ATM / debit cards, net-banking, mobile-banking and Business Correspondents (BC).

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