108 Cancer hospitals will link with DigiLocker for cancer patients

In India, there is lengthy process to deal with anything whether it comes to hospitals, banking, post offices, courts, police, schools, colleges, job, etc. We have to rush with our all official documents from one place to another while dealing with any of these organizations. There is always fear of missing of papers / credentials while travelling with our important documents of life.

To get rid of this fear, our Indian Government has provided “DigiLocker” official Digital Locker facility to track & share our documents anytime, anywhere for verification.

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It’s true; we are on the track of creating Digital India. The road is long. Though, the DigiLocker facility will be able to sort out our all concerns over security & privacy of our official documents.

Let’s focus on our main topic –

Cancer Patients & DigiLocker

“Cancer” – Only name is enough to get shivered. What happened to those who are fighting with this disease in their day to day life?

How DigiLocker will be helpful for Cancer Patients?

All of us know, for better cure & relief, doctors refer cancer patients / serious patients from one hospital to another. It takes time to travel & visit particular specialist doctor or hospital for treatment with their medical documents and undergoing repeated tests & reports. If anything missed in hurry then it is dangerous for patients’ life too.

Thus, for the sake of time, money & life, approx 108 cancer hospitals across India are planning to launch DigiLocker to store medical information of registered patients.

NCG + UIDAI + DigiLocker + Tata Trusts

Recently, the National Cancer Grid (NCG), with the support of Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), has linked 108 cancer treatment hospitals and institutes across India that accounts for about 60% of the cancer load of the country.  It was first-of-its-kind initiative in India that held at the TMH in Mumbai on May 20 & 21, 2017.

In this 2-day event of NCG, Dr. Pramod Verma, chief architect of UIDAI, has paved the way of linking cancer hospitals with DigiLocker. He demonstrated how NCG member hospitals can benefit from the use of new features like Digital Locker and digitatization of birth and death records using the unique Aadhaar identification number, in providing easy access to patients’ records and improving outcomes.

Benefit: Even if patient loses a report, the digital information will remain secure with DigiLocker.

Is DigiLocker compulsory for patient?

Dr. C. S. Pramesh, in-charge of the National Cancer Grid (NCG), stated that the “Digital Locker is not going to be a compulsory service. A patient can register himself to save medical files on DigiLocker. If he wants to continue treatment in another hospital, all he needs to do is hand over the DigiLocker access (to the hospital concerned)”.

How do patients who are not literate can use the facility?

Dr C S Pramesh, who is also head of thoracic surgery, stated that “the number key of a Digital Locker would be given to the patient. Only the patient can share that code with another hospital to access the details of all his test reports, information on chemotherapy and radiation cycle and planned treatment”.

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Till date, Digital Locker has provided access to authentic digital documents such as driving license, vehicle registration certificate, Digital Aadhaar, PAN Card, CBSE Educational and Other Certificates, Digital LPG Subscription Voucher, etc.

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