Paytm Bank physical Rupay Debit card

Paytm has not only updated BHIM UPI on iOS devices but has also rolled out physical Rupay Debit card for Paytm Payments Bank. Let’s know about debit & ATM card and then BHIM UPI facility.

Paytm Payments Bank: Physical Rupay Debit card

The physical RuPay debit cards has been launched by Paytm Payments Bank for its account holders to enable them to withdraw cash from ATMs and make offline payments.

This service is currently available only for Paytm users on iOS devices and will soon launch for Android users.

Till now, the payments bank had been issuing virtual debit cards which could only be used for online payments.

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Is it FREE?

  1. Issuance Charge for Physical RuPay Debit Card: A one-time fee of 120  (inclusive of all taxes).
  2. Annual subscription for physical RuPay Debit Card:  100.
  3. Lost card replacement:  100 + delivery charges

You can use Physical Rupay Debit & ATM Card for withdrawing cash from any ATM and also to shop at any store across India.

Withdrawal limits at ATM

  1. The withdrawal limits at ATM are 25,000 per transaction and per day, subject to limits set by other banks.
  2. The withdrawal limits at POS are 2,00,000 per transaction and per day.

How to request for Debit & ATM Card?

To order Physical Rupay  Debit & ATM Card, follow the below – mentioned steps:

  1. Tab on the Bank icon on your Paytm App at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and choose the option Debit & ATM Card.
  3. Choose the option Request Card.
  4. Add or select your Delivery Address.
  5. Proceed to Pay 120 (a one time fee).
  6. Complete the payment on the payment mode of your choice and your order will be placed.
  7. You will be able to track the delivery status of your card through your app.
  8. Finally, start using Debit & ATM card.

Features of Paytm Bank Physical Debit Card

  1. Accepted Online: You can use your Rupay Debit card across most online websites and apps in India.
  2. Platinum Card Benefits: You can enjoy Platinum benefits such as discounts and cash back across a large number of merchants.
  3. Free Insurance: You will get a free insurance cover of upto 2 lacs in the incident of death or permanent total disability according to the terms and conditions.
  4. Withdraw Cash from any ATM: You can withdraw cash at more than 200,000 ATMs across India.
  5. Shop at any store: Swipe your Card at stores across India.
  6. QR code on your Debit Card: Your Debit card will have a QR code to receive money instantly.

Renu Satti, MD & CEO of Paytm Payments Bank, said:

This will add to the convenience of our customers as they can now use their Paytm debit card to pay across all online platforms as well as offline stores with their Paytm Payments Bank account.

Paytm BHIM UPI on iOS

After integrating BHIM UPI facility on Android, Paytm has rolled out this facility on its latest version of iOS app for digital payments transactions. Now create your own Paytm BHIM UPI ID on iOS app and link your bank account for faster payments. Send money directly to any bank account at 0% charge.

The iOS version of BHIM UPI on Paytm has same features like that of Android.

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