reos message app

If you want to get rid of unwanted messages such as spam and junk SMS on your smartphone then Reos Message app is for you. It is a free Communication App, which is developed by Cube26, an India based technology innovation company.

The app has dual SIM support, MMS support and has integrated Bill pay cards with Paytm.

The Reos Message is a Smart Message app that automatically and intelligently classifies all your incoming and existing messages into:

  • Main – categorizes personal SMS/chats received from your friends, relatives, etc.
  • Notification – categorizes all your incoming notifications and messages such as bank OTPs, transaction details, railway / air ticket details, missed calls, PNRs, booking details, etc.
  • Promo – categorizes all promotional messages you receive from e-comm, telecom or job vendors you may or might not have subscribed to.

The app is downloaded through Google Play.

Reos Message app
Reos Message app – Experience spam free messaging & smart access through Instant cards

The categorization of messages makes it easier to find a particular message. The app also allows you to quick & smart access to PNRs, OTP, Cab booking, e-tickets, bills, Movie tickets, flight bookings, etc., via Instant Cards. For example: –

  • One-Time Password (OTP) – Instant Card extracts only the 6 or 4 digit OTP with a quick copy button for the online transactions.
  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) – Instant Card extracts your PNR number instantly from your message and display on your mobile screen.


  1. Auto destruct: Allows you to automatically destroy messages.
  2. Spam Filter: Allows you to easily mark spam SMS.
  3. Message Recall: You can recall your sent messages in case you’ve made an error or want to change some.
  4. Provide Instant Cards facility for services such as Cab Bookings, PNRs, e-Tickets, Flight bookings etc.
  5. You can manually move messages from one category to the other (or move messages in bulk).
  6. You can choose to be notified of new messages via sound vibration alerts and also select which categories of notifications should be shown.
  7. You can switch between SIMs (if you have dual SIMs), while sending an SMS.
  8. While viewing an SMS – you can search for a particular word and it will show you the search results simultaneously.
  9. You can directly place a call to the person who has sent the message and also add a new contact if you don’t have the number saved.
  10. There is a built-in blacklist feature if you want to block messages from a particular number.
Reos Message app
Experience instant bill payments, search words while messaging & many more through Reos Message app
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