New Twitter Lite on Mobile Web! Loads Quickly, Takes up Less Space and is Data-Friendly

Twitter Lite – New faster and data friendly version of Twitter has rolled out for us. It is a new mobile web experience which minimizes data usage and loads quickly on slower connections.

Twitter Lite – New faster and data friendly version of Twitter
Twitter Lite – New faster and data friendly version of Twitter

With Twitter Lite, all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

This progressive mobile web app provides the key features of Twitter such as your timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media upload, notifications, and many more.

This new version of Twitter is available globally by visiting on your smartphone or tablet. You can find more information about Twitter Lite at

Twitter Lite Highlights

It is especially designed for people that have slow mobile connections and expensive data plans.

  1. Accessible via the Web:  Because Twitter Lite is on the mobile web, it works on most smartphones and tablets without an App Store or Google Play account.
  2. Quick and Light: At under 1MB, Twitter Lite loads quickly (even over poor networks) and takes up less space on your phone.
  3. One-Tap Access From Your Home Screen: Add Twitter Lite to your home screen to access it at any time with one tap.
  4. Automatic Updates: Automatically updates to the latest version.
  5. Languages: Supports 42 language including six Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, and Marathi.
  6. Push Notifications: Push Notifications keep you informed whether or not Twitter Lite is open.
  7. Offline Access: Keep reading loaded content even if your network cuts out.
  8. Control Your Data: Turn on data saver mode to use even less data by downloading only the images or videos you want to see.
  9. Safe browsing: Safe web browsing gives you privacy and peace of mind.

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