Two new initiatives Digital Unlocked and My Business Website has been launched by Google CEO Sundar Pichai for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India in partnership with Ministry of Information and Technology and the FICCI.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, said

“It needs to play a larger role in the domestic market by tailoring its products and working more on cyber security.”

Digital Unlocked

Digital Unlocked is an initiative to help you grow your business digitally. For this you have to attend the attend the training offered by FICCI and get a certification from Google and the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. The offline training covers all the topics under Digital Unlocked.

Sundar Pichai said,

” If we solve a problem for India, we solve it for the world.”

Digital Unlocked is a plan which will help small and medium enterprises in India to understand how to go digital. This will offer online and mobile courses, Google will hold 5000 workshops in partnership with FICCI and the Indian School of Business, 40 cities across India. The online training provide 90 training videos and they are free of cost. The trainings will be certified by Google, Indian School of Business and FICCI.

Pichai said,

“When I was growing up in Chennai information was scarce. But now that has changed, thanks to the Internet.”

Primer App

Google has also launched  an app “Primer”, which will be available on iOS and Android in hindi, English, Tamil, telugu and Marathi languages. This app will also work offline.

The Primer app is a fast and easy way to learn digital marketing skills that can give your business a boost. With bite-sized lessons and interactive activities, do whenever you have 5 minutes free. You can learn digital marketing concepts, right from your smartphone. Interactive activities will help you learn concepts quickly. And you can put your new knowledge to use right away with personalized, in-app next steps that are automatically saved for you.

Google said,

“With Digital Unlocked, Google is committed to ensuring that every single small business in India that wants to go digital has access to quality training.”

My Business App

Another initiative introduced by Google is My Business App, this will help SMBs to built their own mobile ready website.

My Business Website is a free tool, which would help SME’s make website in 10 minutes. Any small business can sign up. It will first start in India (later this year), and then will be launched in other countries. Data suggests that only 6% of small businesses in India has made website and registered their online presence.

Rajan Anandan said,

“At Google our mission is simple, Internet for everyone, India has about 350 million internet users and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) make up 36 per cent of India’s GDP. Over 8 million SMBs are benefiting from Google platforms such as Maps.”