Wake up call! Demand sincerely and logically to public-welfare governments for free internet, zero cyber crime & privacy

Estonia vs India: Free Internet less Cyber Crime

Is anything is striking in your magical mind after reading a line – Estonia: A country where citizens get Free Internet and are also highly protected against Cyber Crime?

Ahhh – my dear friends! when we chat on cyber crimes such as phishing, hacking, gambling, pornography, etc, than Internet becomes the curse for mankind.

Hence, I am sure that you all are puzzled and asking yourself only one question – How is it possible? But, its’ true!

Businessman working on a laptop & a digital screen with padlock & cyber-security

But, prior to moving on a pitch of Free Internet country, you must have to take a taste of risky internet & recall past! Here, we will cover the following topics:

Cyber Crime – Jamtara

I will not give long – long lectures on it. Just by an example, you will be familiar to one of the dark sides of Internet. If you were not aware of that side than you can also risk your life! So, let’s begin-

Most of us have watched the underdog web series Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega on Netflix. The story is inspired by the true incidents of lucrative phishing scams that takes place in a Jamtara village in Jharkhand.

Really, the tightly written web series has given glamour to Jamtara & stamped it as the capital of phishing in the global domain.

The story-line captures the risks of the internet and clearly define that how digital boom has lead ordinary people into the world of crime.

The Netflix series will make you think twice before you answer unknown call.

Hope, my dear buddies have found the links where your friend has indicated.

Now, it’s time to recall sweet memories also. Because, just like Cricket, you will get to know about the significance of freebies (free hit) in your lives also. And, from there on wards, we will take slip catches of our Title!

Have love for free stuff?

Does any Indian remembered his or her excitement & thrill regarding Reliance Jio‘s free 4G Internet service???

Please, recall your past!

Before Jio, fast & cheap 4G service were like Fairy Tales (परियों की कहानी) to us. Now, cheap 4G is easily reachable to each & every corner of our country.

Though, till date, two dots – Cyber Security & Privacy – are missing in the links of digitization.

Therefore, if any country provides free internet facility with tight cyber security to its citizens then the people of that country will be in seventh heaven.

In the world of surprises, these two dots are nicely connected by small countries of Europe such as Estonia & Iceland. Though,

Rights comes with Responsibility

The above proverb is also true regarding these countries. From here on wards, Estonia’s Journey is going to start in becoming E-stonia.

How Estonia become a global cyber security superpower?

Fingerprint Biometric Scanning Identification System Estonia Nationality
Estonia: Digital Country

Major Reason: Stern actions, policies, campaigns formulated by the Estonian government to aware public about the positive & negative effects of Internet. Such as:

  • Invests into the security of essential services and e-governance.
  • Systematically raises public cyber security awareness and competence.
  • Enacted Gambling act: Special license needed to run any indigenous or foreign gambling site in the country. If license is not acquired, then the site can’t be run.
  • Established Cyber Crime Unit.

Estonia’s concept (which is playing the most remarkably role in becoming cyber security superpower) is that:

  1. cyber security can only be ensured through cooperation,
  2. and a joint contribution is required at all levels – state, private sector & individuals.

According to Freedom house Democratic Development Index, Estonia has set a free internet access model for the rest of world to follow & admire. Estonians have become experts in cyber defence today.

Do You Know? Estonia is the 132nd-smallest country in the world by land mass.

Estonia: Tech Exposure

Estonia E-residency Kit
Estonia: E-residency Kit

Estonia is one of the world’s most advance digital societies because:-

  • Approx 90% citizens have access to internet connectivity.
  • Everything digitally: From tax to car parking to dog boarding payment.
  • Best e-residency services in the world.
  • Invented Skype!
  • Free Wi-Fi network.
  • Tallinn (capital of this tiny Baltic nation): Home to the NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

How Estonia becomes a digital country?

Estonia Flag
Estonia Flag

Nothing comes hard & fast, it’s a step by step procedure to achieve any thing BIG! Excerpts are as follows:

  • Introduced secure e-services time-to-time viz. national e-identity card, mobile-id, e-residency (transnational digital identity card), e-banking services, smart-id & more to become e-Estonia.
  • Provided free internet facility to schools & colleges since 2000.
  • Adopted online voting as a part of a regular electoral process.

Hence, digitization is also a boon when Government agencies spread awareness about cyber crimes, improve cyber forensics facilities, etc., to prevent such crimes and to speed up investigation.

As world is going through COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Free Internet + Cyber Security is the blessing showered by mankind.

COVID-19 vs Free Internet

Due to Pandemic COVID-19, the differences b/w we humans and environment have reduced technically. At this peak of the hour, Internet has become the true warrior for us (if we have taken in positive direction) because it –

  1. Enriches our knowledge (through Online Courses).
  2. Becomes a source of income (through many innovative ideas)
  3. Connected the missing dots of Family, Friends & Our Environment.
  4. Created a communication link b/w Government bodies & Public to aware, prevent & protect us against the deadly disease.

Above all, internet has also become a tool to boost our healthy-living strategies by creating awareness about Ayurvedic & many other immunity boosting measures.

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If a responsible Government like Estonia provides innovative solutions to combat the COVID-19 crisis then its the cherry on the cake!

My Questions

Have you –

  • truly analyse the COVID-19 effect in your lives?
  • naturally discover the happiness & openness of animals?
  • connected the missing dots of your life?
  • change a little bit in this COVID effect?

If yes, then just like we want everything free like internet in our life than respect others liberty & freedom also – whether they are human or plants or animals (marine or terrestrial).

While reading, my friends are in puzzle that title is about free internet excess and here the story is going towards humanity. Then, chill dear friends, we are on the right track.

India vs Cyber Crime vs Bharat

Wall maze with man
India: Challenges-Concept-Success

Like Estonia, India can also provide free internet services with tight cyber security to its citizens. Here, the missing dot is Willingness to do the right thing in a right way at a right time. But our चलता है attitude has created obstacles in the progress of our country.

Just like Government bodies (state or central), citizens of our country are also following the same attitude.

Here, issues are for everything – Political, Social, Economical, Environmental, Technical, Communal, etc – & we plan for each and every cause. But, when time comes for implementation, the story of corruption, illiteracy, poverty, overpopulation, etc., rolls around every where.

That resulted in – Every positive thought is then put into a dustbin. This is happening since years in our country. Think over it once! Hence, if we get anything free & not up to the mark than are we willingly to compensate for anything – Even Life? Demand sincerely & logically!

If one gets Freedom then responsibility automatically comes.

Topic is vast, but I have concise it to Bloody Internet & Cyber Security! Rest, choice is ours!

Megha Jain

Engg & Freelance Author

Straight forward