Android 7.0 Nougat

According to latest leaks google is launching  new version of Android later this week, most probably this friday.

As we know in july final preview of Android 7.0 is came out for the developers and now google is all set for the public release.

Most interesting thing is according to the leaks Google don’t give on air update to the Nexus 5 owners which is not the traditional google policy. But it seems to be fair because the Nexus 5 smartphone has long passed its 18 months update cycle.

Google does the several improvement in this new version of Android like improved camera app, multi-window support, enhanced notifications , number blocking etc.

As far as we know there are two new features in camera app added first is grid lines and other one exposure setting which is really missed by the Android users. Grid lines are smart way to compose the mise en scene while taking a photo. The new Camera app will apparently give three more Gridline options, apart from the old standard 3×3 frame. There is now an option to choose 4×4, the gridlines can also be kept off, if the user so prefers.

Android Nougat also introduces a split-screen display mode, in which two apps can be snapped to occupy halves of the screen. These two apps we can use simultaneously the screen in overlapping windows.

The notification shade was also redesigned, featuring a smaller row of icons for settings, replacing notification cards with a “sheet” design, and allowing inline replies to notifications.

LG V20 is the first phone that comes with pre installed Android Nought update. Others just have to update the phone with system update.