Apple & Samsung War

They all say if one don’t have enemies, one is not big enough. But what happens if two world’s biggest companies against each other. This epic war started in August 2010  when Apple warned Samsung about violation of their patents rights.

Then in October of 2010 Apple proposed a deal where Samsung should pay apple 30$ per phone and 40$ per tablets. Samsung declined this offering by keeping this in mind when HTC pay Microsoft 5$ per phone for similar patent violation.

Things between these two companies started to heat up from there.

At the April of the 2011 Apple files their first lawsuit against Samsung in northern California court claiming that Samsung “slavishly” copied their product design. Instead of settlement Samsung decided to Counter sue Apple over 3G technology patents.

Till the December of 2011 there are 30 open lawsuit filed all over North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Till this date are 50 open cases are filed between these two companies.

Following a 2012 jury trial, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $930 million. Samsung has been trying to reduce that figure ever since.

This friday in a legal briefing apple asked supreme court of United States there are no need to send the case to the lower court.

Anyone can wonder two billions dollars company why keep fighting over half of decade, they waste millions of dollars in legal briefings and court cases, why can’t they just settle there cases. The answer is they don’t care about money , it’s the question of Pride. They are the biggest mobile manufacturer of the world which shares 80 percent of the world’s mobile market. Ofcourse they don’t want to look smaller than the other company.

As it looks like there settlement not gonna happen anytime soon.