Google Trips Update: Automatically Organize your Trip Details in One Place

Planning for vacations? then the updated Google Trips will be helpful for your upcoming journey!

The latest update on Google Trips for both Android and iOS users will not only allows you to track your trip schedule but also automatically organises your trip details, tickets, hotel bookings, etc at one place, all based on your email inbox.

Now, you have option of making manual changes in your travel programs, in which you can add details such as airline and flight number or hotel name, even if you have No email confirmation.

No Internet? No problem! Now, Google Trips is available offline. You can browse your trip info wherever you want. According to Google,

On average, nearly a quarter of Google Trips users are offline for more than seven hours at a time while travelling, and nearly 70% use the offline feature and download trips in advance.

With the help of this new feature, you will be able to book train and bus reservations (or tickets) like you reserve flights, hotels, cars and restaurants.

Google Trips Updates

  1. Track and Share Your Travel Information in the Same App: You need not search for individual reservation emails or confirmations. Trips has provided a superior platform through which you can share and keep track of your reservations in one place and can easily share them with your friends. You can forward all reservations like hotel; flight and travel from your inbox in one go, by tapping the arrow button in Google Trips. Friends or relatives will get a mail with all the reservation details, and they can see the same in Trips app as well.
    Share and keep track of your reservations in one place
    Share and keep track of your reservations in one place
  2. Make Manual Changes: Google Trips will automatically collect and organizes information about your travel from the Gmail account. For those last-minute or spontaneous changes, the app have built in feature that lets you quickly update and add new details for flight, hotel, car, restaurant reservations and more, even if you have No email confirmation. Simply tap on the ‘’ button in the bottom right corner in the Reservations section to add information and enter those details manually to keep your schedule up-to-date. It can be supplemented by free-form notes.
    Make Manual Changes
    Make Manual Changes
  3. Catch a train or bus to your next adventure: Google Trips will automatically organise all of your past and upcoming train and bus reservations in one place. The details will appear along with flight, hotel, car, and restaurant reservations.
    Catch a train or bus to your next adventure
    Catch a train or bus to your next adventure
  4. Top 8 Destinations: Trips comes in-built with suggestions about places to visit, restaurant suggestions, etc. which enables better organization of travels. It will show you Top 8 most popular destinations that gain popularity over the past year.
    Google Trips
    Google Trips: Top Trending Destinations

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