snapchat spectacles

Snap Inc. has launched its first hardware product called “Spectacles“. SnapChat has changed its name to Snap Inc. The reason is when the company was launched, SnapChat was only product of the company, now they are enlarge their company and want to differenciate the company from its products. The application SnapChat, will remain the same as before SnapChat.

In an Interview Evan Spiegel, said about the device, to a journalist of Wall Street Journal

“We’re going to take a slow approach to rolling them out, which records up to 10 seconds of video at the tap of a button.

First Hardware Product of Snap Inc. “Spectacles
First Hardware Product of Snap Inc. “Spectacles”

Evan Spiegel said, that no modifications are made in application, and it will remain SnapChat, and only the name of the company is customized. Snap Inc is now a camera company.

Evan Spiegel also added

“It’s not about an accumulation of photos defining who you are, it’s about instant expression and who you are right now. Internet-connected photography is really a reinvention of the camera. And what it does is allow you to share your experience of the world while also seeing everyone else’s experience of the world, everywhere, all the time.”

Snap Inc. posted a promotional video on YouTube

Features of Spectacles

This gadget is looks like normal pair of sunglasses. It has camera which uses a 115-degree-angle lens. User can record video upto 10 seconds. There is also an LED indicator that informs others user are recording. They record 10 second videos, which will be sent over to smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and saved in the SnapChat app.

Price of Spectacles

The cost of spectacles is pretty high. It will be available at a price of $129.99 and with limited distribution. Snap Inc. has said, the available of these Spectacles will be limited and will come with the charging apparatus. Spectacles will come in one size and in three different colors black, teal or coral.

Evan Spiegel, said

“We’re going to take a slow approach to rolling them out, it’s about us figuring out if it fits into people’s lives and seeing how they like it.”

User will experience a unique way to share life with friends and family. But the question is, will people buy this gadget “Spectacles” ? Because nowadays all have camera in their smartphones.