Integrated Case Management Information System of Supreme Court of India

Hey, Good News! The digital court is knocking our doors that will ensure security, transparency & speedy judgments of cases. It’s none other than our Supreme Court of India (SCI) i.e. moving towards digitization.

The SCI’s digital filing system Integrated Case Management Information System (ICMIS), which is recently launched by the honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in New Delhi, is a move towards paperless court and will serve as a digital repository for case-related information.

The ICMIS is a next generation hybrid database to better enable litigants to access and retrieve information online. It will provide information on:

  1. Next tentative date of listing generated through e-process.
  2. Categories and Acts & Section.
  3. Objections in Defective matters.
  4. Interlocutory Application/Documents.
  5. Office Reports.
  6. Listing dates.
  7. Status of the notice issued.
  8. Caveat Information.
  9. Earlier Court Information.
  10. Judgement/Orders.
  11. Appearance information of accused.
  12. Tracking of file movement.

The other interesting features include an online court fee calculator, an online limitation calculator & an online court fee payment gateway. This will make things easier for both the litigant as well as the Registry.

The ICMIS will also provide access of digitally signed PDF documents relating to paperbooks / case files. Notices will be generated through the system.

With this system, an online office reports shall be accessible and available to Advocates on Record and other stakeholders.

Through ICMIS, the High Courts will be able to access the case records and it will reduce the repetition of case data entries in the Supreme Court.

You must note that the journey of Digital India that has started from Digital Banking to Digital Wallet, Digital Locker, Digital Aadhaar, Digital Address, Digital Gold is going towards Digital Court. So, let’s join hands & welcome this new move and know more about this new system.

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JS Khehar, the Chief Justice of India (CJI), said,

The digitization will help litigants to file only one case and the same will be transferred to higher courts automatically due to digitization of documents. Nobody can manipulate the documents. Litigant can track the status of case and also orders. Everything about the case can be monitored.

The Supreme Court Registry would start e-filing of cases from the first week of July 2017.

Supreme Court of India (SCI)
Supreme Court of India (SCI)

Note: Litigant (वादी) is a person who is fighting a legal case or who involved in a lawsuit.

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