MapMyIndia eLoc – Shrink Your Complicated Postal Address To 6 Characters

Do you want to shrink your complicated postal address to 6 characters then eLoc is for you, which is launched by MapMyIndia.  eLoc is the India’s first Nation-wide digital address system that has unique 6 character digital ID.

MapMyIndia eLoc
MapMyIndia eLoc

Through eLoc, you can easily search or navigate across urban and rural India in a shortest possible time. It provides very accurate and comprehensive direction towards the location and is FREE to use. In common man’s language, just like Aadhaar is the identity of a person, eLoc is the identity of a place or business. It is a 6 character code of your preferred location, which can easily converts your postal address into simply 6 easy to remember characters (Eg. TS0000 or 8NVTS1).

The eLoc can be shared and will be available in any area such as villages, cities, colonies, flats, localities, and tourist points of interest, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses and roads. You can also add a new place or delete closed ones using the mobile app of MapMyIndia. MapMyIndia will verify and validate the addition and introduce you. You can access the app across all operating systems – Android, iOS and Windows.

How to Get eLoc 6-Digit Code For Your Location

Simply visit the MapMyIndia website or apps to get the code of your preferred location. Afterwards, anyone having this code for an area can look for the exact place on the map by entering the number on the MapMyIndia website.
If you are not able to find your address in the eLoc search then try to add it to MapMyIndia Map . Afterwards, you will get an automatically generated eLoc.

MapMyIndia : Enter Any Address, place or eLoc
MapMyIndia : Enter Any Address, place or eLoc

MapMyIndia offers the best navigation maps and driving directions in India on the Internet, GPS/In-Dash devices for your car, and maps for mobile.

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