New Truecaller 8: With New Smart SMS, Flash, UPI Payments & Partnerships with ICICI, Google Duo & Airtel

The new Truecaller 8 is here! With smart SMS Inbox, flash messaging, high quality video calling, UPI payments service, and partnerships with Airtel, Google Duo and ICICI bank. Lets’ have a look on each and every feature and Truecaller integration with Airtel, Google and ICICI bank.

Smart SMS filter

Truecaller’s new smart SMS filter will allows us to instantly see who has sent an SMS and allows us to filter out all spam messages.

  • Automatically identify every unknown SMS.
  • Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS.
  • Block by name and number series.

Truecaller 8 and Google Duo – A High Quality Video Calling Service

Truecaller 8 and Google Duo
Truecaller 8 and Google Duo – A High Quality Video Calling Service

Truecaller has teamed up with Google Duo to improve video calling service for millions of its users. The updated Truecaller App will now have a new ‘Duo’ icon along with ‘Call’ and ‘SMS’ icon in its dialer. This icon will allow users to directly make high quality video calls on Duo using a contact’s phone number via Truecaller app.

The feature will be available for Android & iOS in the coming months as a permission-based service, where users will be able to opt-in and out at any time.

Airtel Truecaller ID (India only)

Airtel Truecaller ID
Airtel Truecaller ID – To see who is calling

Truecaller has partnered with Airtel to launch Airtel Truecaller ID to extend their caller ID feature to Airtel users who use feature phones. With this subscription-based service, all feature phone users with Airtel mobile service can now use “Airtel Truecaller ID” to see who is calling.

The ‘Airtel Truecaller ID’ feature will identify a caller and send his/her information via a Flash SMS in advance. In other words, the Airtel users will get a Flash SMS about the identity of the number before the call hits their mobile. The service will start to roll out in April 2017.

Truecaller Pay and ICICI Bank

Truecaller Pay
Truecaller’s UPI-based mobile payment service “Truecaller Pay”

Truecaller has partnered with ICICI Bank to launch its new Unified Payments Interface (UPI)-based mobile payment service Truecaller Pay for Indian Truecaller users.

The ‘Truecaller Pay’ can be accessed conveniently via the ‘Send money through UPI’ tab on Truecaller app’s profile page.

Truecaller users will be able to create their unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the app and can instantly send or receive money using any UPI supported bank or an UPI ID or via mobile numbers registered with BHIM App. It can be used to transfer money, recharge phone as well as pay postpaid phone bills.

Click on Truecaller Pay – ICICI Bank to know activation and VPA creation, and also to how to pay instantly using Truecaller App in three simple steps.

The non-ICICI bank users can register on to Truecaller Pay app as well. The transaction will be handled by ICICI with Bank Grade Security and Truecaller will not park any money or handle sensitive data such as account details, credit/debit card information of its users.

Flash Messaging

The Flash Messaging allows us to send quick pre-defined messages to any Truecaller 8 user to let them know if you’re in distress, you’re on your way, your location, or that you’ve reached home.

Flash Messaging
Truecaller’s Flash Messaging

Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder of Truecaller, said

We have been able to build a mobile identity platform and ecosystem that more and more people are relying on a daily basis to build safe and meaningful services on top of it – and today we’re finally able to showcase the true potential of Truecaller

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