Truecaller Flash Messaging

“Do you have a chocolate?”

“Where are you?”

“When are you reaching at home?”

“Have you taken food?”……

These are some of the daily life questions that require only one-word answers.

If you are driving or working on some serious matter then willingly or unwillingly you’ve to answer your dear ones via phone call or SMS. Many times, while working, these calls create frustration and anger that can be easily sense from your voice that hurt your dear ones.

Thus, to avoid unnecessary state of affairs, Truecaller has rolled out a flash messaging feature in its latest update for iOS devices i.e. offering important questions to be answered within 60-seconds or less.

Truecaller Flash Messaging
Flash Messaging

For example: The Truecaller Flash Messaging feature has pre-filled ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options to quickly answer the questions. Beside this, while driving, you can just one-tap with the pre-filled word ‘Driving’  in your Flash Messaging and can avoid any unfriendly situation.

To get Flash Messaging on iPhone, simply upgrade to the newest version from Apple App Store.

The update is already available on Android platform.

Truecaller Flash Messaging Feature

  1. Provides a shorthand way to communicate via pre-defined messages, phrases and emojis.
  2. Offers users who are unable to take a call or have a full conversation on text, a one-tap solution to answer yes-or-no questions, share a location or call back.
  3. Allows users to customize flash messages for in-built responses.

Benefits of Flash Messaging

  1. It looks like an incoming call, but unlocks to be an incoming message.
  2. Can be responded with one tap to send location, emojis and pre-written smart answers.
  3. All Truecaller users can receive them.
  4. Free to use with data.

Apart from this, the new Truecaller 8 has already rolled out that has smart SMS Inbox, flash messaging, high quality video calling, UPI payments service, and partnerships with Airtel, Google Duo and ICICI bank.

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