Popular caller id app truecaller today get a new update for the IOS. In this new update some important feature which are waited by iphones users from a long time like Smart Call History and a built-in dialler that allows you to make calls from within the app.

In may truecaller did update for iPhone live caller id feature which allow users to see the callers information but he/she also using truecaller. On Android, the app presents you the information about caller without this requirement.

Tuesday’s Truecaller for iPhone v7.0 update brings Smart Call History to the app, which basically replaces the unknown numbers with real names and faces (if available) in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved by you in your contacts.

Truecaller apps in this update also adds the built in dial feature, which is important for the iPhone users. New designed app and logo may improve its download numbers in IOS. However truecaller version 7.0 still lacks some functionality as there is still no really Live Caller ID feature identical to the one available on Android.

Truecaller officials quotes “In addition to the new features, we’re hard at work getting ready for the launch of iOS 10 which includes the brand new CallKit functionality.”