Facebook Will Empower Users To Define Objectionable Content

Many times, you face awkward moments on Facebook while watching or reading ridiculous comments, videos, etc. If you get the power to judge over what content you find offensive or inappropriate on the Facebook platform and get the right to set the content policy for you. Then, how’s it is!

For this, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated in his Community Standards that we want our FB users to define what “objectionable” content is for them and how much nudity and violence they are comfortable seeing. These policies help a user understand what type of sharing is allowed on Facebook and what type of content may be reported to the social media giant and removed.


Now, you have to decide the line of nudity for yourself – “On violence? On graphic content? On profanity?”, etc. Whatever you decide will be your personal settings. These questions will be periodically asked by Facebook to increase participation and so you don’t need to dig around to find them.

Zuckerberg also noted that for those who do not make a decision, the policies decided by majority of people in their region would be enforced. Even in that case the individual would have the option of updating personal settings anytime.

Facebook would only take down content if it is more objectionable than the most permissive options allow. Though, Facebook will also block content based on standards and local laws. To classify the objectionable content, Facebook will use artificial intelligence and it wants to start with the cases in 2017.

Zuckerberg stated that it’s worth noting that major advances in AI are required to understand text, photos and videos to judge whether they contain hate speech, graphic violence, sexually explicit content and more.

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