Facebook News Feed Update To Show Us More Authentic Content and Timely Stories

Facebook has updated its’ news feed algorithm to actively curb the fake news trending in the social media and to promote the genuine, authentic and timely stories in your news feed. This ranking algorithm change will better identify and rank authentic content in your news feed and in real-time basis, it can also predict and rank posts that are more relevant to you.

How Facebook will Rank the News Feed

Facebook will rank the news feed by analyzing universal signals viz. likes, comments, and shares on that particular post & also by considering signals such as how close you are to the person or Page posting.

To determine the authenticity of a post, the social giant will categorize Pages to identify whether or not they were posting spam or trying to game feed by doing things like asking for likes, comments or shares. After that, Facebook will use posts from these Pages to train a model that continuously identifies whether posts from other Pages are likely to be authentic.

For example, if Page posts are often being hidden by people reading them, that’s indicates that this type of content may not be authentic. Thus, the post is expected to be authentic and relevant if it showed higher in your news feed.

Impact of Post on Real-Time Updates

Facebook will now take into account how signals change in real-time basis. Thus, if there is a lot of engagement from lots of people on Facebook about a topic or if a post from a Page is getting a lot of engagement then in real-time basis, Facebook will understand that the topic or Page post might be briefly more important to you. Therefore, that content regarding to post or topic will be showed higher in your feed.

For example, if a topic like “Indian Budget 2017-18 Live Updates” is trending a lot on Facebook then through this algorithm you will see the posts regarding to that topic higher in your News Feed.

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