Project ARA

This Sunday, Google spokesperson told to the journalists that Project ARA is suspended for now. Despite the fact Google says in May that Project ARA smartphones will soon come to the market.

What is Project ARA?

Project ARA is Google’s modular smartphone project in which Google targeted to reach 6 billion of phone users including 1 billion smartphone users.

Modular smartphone consists of hardware modules providing common smartphone components, such as processors, displays, batteries and cameras, as well as modules providing more specialized components and “frames” that these modules were to be attached to. So that user makes his own phone according to his requirement.

Why Project ARA is suspended?

The decision of suspension of project ARA is made by Google hardware Chief Rick Osterloh, who is trying to organised the hardware lineup of Google. According to the Google, this project is not profitable for them and it is good for the long term goal but they are trying to focus on current things. Now, it appears the phone is no more, though Reuters reports Google may license the technology to third parties.

It is sad turn on event for the developers and public, they are eagerly waiting for the customized smartphones. Though, we hope for the best and wishing Project ARA continue soon.