Twitter DM Read Receipt

Now you can’t lie in Twitter DM! Read Receipts, Typing Indicators and Web link Previews, these are three new features introduced by Twitter in direct message.

The read receipt feature is only for iOS and Android users, the check mark can only be seen in Twitter mobile app. Read receipts will also apply to group messaging. Users can see who is reading and responding to their messages, this feature will alert all members of a group when a message has been “seen by everyone.” The read receipt feature is similar to the most famous messaging apps Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Read Receipts and Web link Previews
Read Receipts Feature on or off & Web Link preview

Web link preview: Similar to the previews that already appear in tweets

Though, it’s up to users if they want read receipts feature on or off. Users can change this in Privacy Settings. When users install the update, Twitter will immediately activate read receipts, users can customize app’s settings before they start messaging.

Now users are able to see when their friends and followers typing in Direct Message.