BHIM Customer Referral Bonus Scheme:

Through BHIM Customer Referral Bonus Scheme, you can earn 25,000 per month by giving your referral code to a new BHIM and new *99# user.

Referral Code?

  1. Your mobile number which is registered on BHIM / *99# will be treated as your referral code.
  2. The referral code field (as an option) will appear on the transaction page and will be visible only to the new BHIM user (referee) at the time of their first financial transaction process.
  3. In case of *99#, the referee will choose the option of entering the referral code (as an option) at the time of on-boarding.
  4. Limit to give referral code: There is no limit to give or refer referral code.
  5. Limit to earn by referring referral code: You can earn up to 25,000 per month using your referral code.

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Eligibility criteria to avail referral scheme as an existing BHIM / *99# user 

  1. First, the person who will be using your mobile number as a referral code must register on BHIM / *99#.
  2. Secondly, he must perform 3 valid unique successful transactions that must be greater than or equal to 50 using BHIM / *99#. That’s it.

After 3 complete successful transactions done by him /her, you will be notified under “Rewards” section under “Transactions” tab.

Lets’ take an example to understand BHIM Customer Referral Bonus Scheme

  1. Here, “Megha” referred BHIM App to her friend “Nishant” and ask him to download the app from the Play store or App Store.
  2. After downloading & installing the app, Nishant entered Megha’s mobile number as referral code for doing his first financial transaction.
  3. Here, Nishant will have to use referral code only during the first successful financial transaction.
  4. After Nishant’s successful 3 valid unique financial transactions, Megha will get a referral bonus amount of 10.
  5. Within 5 days, the amount will be credited to Megha’s Bank account, after Nishant has done his third unique financial transaction.
  6. It must be noted that the referral scheme will be considered successful only after 3 valid unique successful financial transactions have been completed by Nishant (who is new BHIM or new *99# user).

What about Nishant (new user)?

He will also get a referral bonus amount of 25 for downloading and transacting from BHIM App / *99# platform.

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Don’t be confused, the eligibility criteria to avail BHIM Customer Referral Bonus Scheme as a NEW USER will be:

  1. You have to register on BHIM / *99# and then perform 3 valid unique transactions and put the referral code while doing your first successful financial transaction.
  2. The total transaction amount for first 3 unique successful transactions should be greater than or equal to 50.

Note: You won’t be able to enter the referral code in the app if you miss it while doing the first successful transaction.

A unique transaction means it should be different from previously used account number or mobile number from your BHIM / *99# account.

That’s the whole matter of referral scheme, which is valid for 6 months till October 14, 2017.

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