After the launch of this groundbreaking app in Feb. 2009 whatsapp reached 450 million active user this summer.

messages sent per day
messages sent per day

Is whatsapp really replacing SMS service, lets find out.

WhatsApp is free, ad free app which provide users to transfer messages in real time. On the other hand SMS is paid service which take some balance. lots of innovative features provided by this app makes it way much better than SMS. Today there are 3o billion messages transfer  through whatsapp but there are 20 billionSMS transfer throughout the world.

Why we say SMS is about to die because there is no improvement in SMS service since its release. Its only depends on networking of that area, there are limit of number of messages sent per day, if u have no special plans is active its so much costly than the whatsapp message.

The only advantage of the SMS service is it works on any feature phone, may be that’s why its still in use. But as the number of smartphone is increasing in the market the use of SMS service is decrease.