e-filing Income Tax Returns

The last date to file income tax return is July 31 and for many people filing income tax returns can be difficult and complicated. Hence, there are top 5 apps that will make e-filing Income Tax Returns easy. With this, anyone can check the status of his/her five years returns along with confirmation of receipts of signed ITR V receipt by the IT department. These top 5 apps are as follows:

Hello tax

  • An easy and quick way to e-file income tax return and stay updated with income-tax information.
  • Purpose: Reduce the time in filing returns, increase efficiency and effectiveness of the filing process and facilitate the same at minimum price.
  • Features: Quick file ITR, quick refund status, transaction history, tax calculator, PAN card details, document storage, etc.
  • The service is offered for free for the first year and a nominal fee is levied thereafter.
  • Benefit: We can simply upload Form 16 and rest will be taken care of by this app.


  • An Indian Income Tax Return e-filing website.
  • Founded by Archit Gupta.
  • Helps individuals to e-file their income tax returns in the shortest time possible through their mobile device (smartphone or a tablet).
  • We can work on our tax details even when there is no internet connection. In simple words, we can enter all our details in offline mode and the moment our device gets connected to the internet, the app automatically syncs the details to server.
  • Helps in checking refund status, calculate taxes and generates rent receipts.
  • Users can also import details from their Form 26AS and Form 16 into the app while filing their tax returns.
  • Benefits: The software automatically selects the correct ITR form and prepares the tax returns when a user uploads their Form 16.

Income Tax e-Filing

It is the official portal of Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, Government of India (GoI).

Purpose: To provide a single window access to the information and services being provided by the Indian Government for the citizens and other stakeholders.

The following web-enabled services are available on this portal:

  • Electronic filing of Income tax return and Forms.
  • Services like Know Your PAN, Know Your TAN, Know Your Jurisdiction.
  • Viewing Tax Credit Statement (26AS).
  • Pre-Filling of Income Tax Return with Personal and Tax Information.
  • View Status- Income Tax Return, ITR-V, Demand/Refund, Rectification.
  • View/Download previous Income Tax Returns.
  • Legal Heir.
  • File Rectification.
  • Refund Re-issue request.
  • Filing of Income Tax Return through e-Return Intermediary.

Caution: Must have decent level of understanding about income tax rules and regulation.


It is the India’s largest online Income-tax return filing portal and is a part of Skorydov Systems Pvt. Ltd.(SSPL).

  • Skorydov: India’s first and only company to provide end to end [eTDS – Digital Form16 – tax filing solution] to Companies and its employees.

Purpose: To keep individual tax filers updated with their income-tax return details.

The app has a One-Time Password (OTP) based registration process to secure and identify the user. Features of the app are as follows:

  • Helps in calculating tax payable for the current year and also gives a time line for previous tax returns and refunds.
  • Users can check the status of their 5 years returns along with confirmation of receipts of signed ITR V receipt by the IT department.
  • Users can find out their refund or demand status without having to go to any tax professional.
  • Beta version of the app supports several Indian languages, such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali.

Benefits: Users can quickly calculate their income-tax, know the status of their e-filed income-tax return, check the status of their income tax refund, even find their assessing officer and receive timely app notifications, etc.


  • Offered by Ahmedabad-based Little Play Studio.
  • The app allows users to not only e-file their IT return, they can calculate their projected tax liability using income tax calculator.
  • For this, a user needs to first login to the app, select the suitable IT return filing plan and upload the income and deduction proofs required for tax return filing.
  • Once the user submits a request, the app’s mobile Tax (m-Tax) advisor team will review the documents and prepare the IT return.
  • On successful submission of IT return with the IT department website, the app will upload ITR-V at its portal and the mobile app for a user’s future reference and download.
  • The app can also update a user about his or her IT return status with notification on regular basis.
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