Recover deleted photos from Android

Friend: Hello Nishant! Do you know how to recover deleted photos from android?
Me: Yes!
Friend: Please tell me. There are lots of photos on varied occasions, and all are very precious to me! (tensely)
Me: Cool down, cool down! You can find lots of “files recovery apps” in Play Store. If you don’t know anything regarding to this then download any top rated app, so that you can recover most of your pics!

The Beginning of the Problem

This is very common conversation among friends when someone get in trouble. Most smartphone users don’t take precaution and invite the trouble! To safeguard your smartphone, you can create recycle bin in android device. This will save lots of time.

But for now, we caught in a situation; pics are accidentally deleted and we don’t have recycle bin! There is only one question stuck in mind: How to recover deleted photos from android?

For this uninvited stress, there are many solutions in Google Play Store. Do search with “recover deleted photos” in Play Store. It will provide you list of apps, whose functionality is basically same. For demonstration purpose we are going to use DiskDigger photo recovery app.

DiskDigger: Recover deleted photos

DiskDigger is very simple app to use to recover deleted photos as well as other files. Free version of this app recovers only photos and videos (video recovery needs rooted device). To recover files other than photos & videos, you have to use Pro version of the app. There are simple steps to follow for file recovery.

  1. Download DiskDigger photo recovery app from Play Store.
  2. Open the app. It will show 2 options:
    1. Basic Scan
    2. Full Scan (root needed)
  3. Select Basic Scan if your device is not rooted. Basic Scan will do “limited” scan in your device for photos (jump to step 6).
  4. Full Scan will search all of your device’s memory because your device is rooted. Remember, rooted device also let DiskDigger to perform video search. In Full Scan, you can select device partition on which you want to perform search.
    DiskDigger: Recover deleted photos
    DiskDigger: Recover deleted photos
  5. DiskDigger require Superuser root access for rooted device. Tap Allow to grant root access to DiskDigger. You can also select file-types that you want to search. One should only select file-types which he/she actually want to recover. Selecting more file-types may reduce the performance!
    DiskDigger File Types
    DiskDigger File Types
  6. Files Scan: After the scanning process starts, DiskDigger lists deleted photos (files) on DiskDigger main screen which can be recoverable.
  7. You can tap on the photo (file) to select for recovery. To check recovery options for individual file, you can tap on overflow menu ( ).
    DiskDigger Scanning
    DiskDigger Scanning
  8. Filter: DiskDigger also provide filter option () to recover files based on file-size & file-type. By default, minimum size is enabled for photo recovery. This will default setting helps the app to filter other images from browser cache, bitmaps from other apps, etc.
  9. Final Step, Saving: To save files, select files you want to save and tap on Recover button. DiskDigger gives three options to save recoverable files.
    1. Save to an app
    2. Save to device (save locally)
    3. FTP upload


    DiskDigger File Save
    DiskDigger File Save
    Save to an app option allows you to save recoverable photos (files) to another app. You can email these files or save them to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

    Save to device option saves files to your local device. You can save files on device memory or SD card.

    With FTP upload, you can upload your recoverable files to FTP server. You need to provide FTP server credentials so that DiskDigger can  upload files to your FTP server.


Rooting is a process of giving superuser privilege (root access) to smartphone, tablet or other android device users. After the rooting, users can do anything to their device like, system access, removing stock apps or even can install other Operating Systems made for that device. However, device manufacturer’s warranty will stop once you root the device.


Recovering deleted photos on android are so simple. You just need an app! However, it’s not sure that you can recover all your deleted files. There is always some limitation. Any app can recover files which is available on disk but not shown to device user. Once its gone from the disk, none can recover it.

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Nishant Patil

Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer